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Monday, February 14, 2005

The internet gods are temporarily placated

Which means I can post some of the pictures I have diligently been taking for the last two weeks. Yay!

So, here are a couple of action shots from the Norfolk knit-in of last weekend. This is RLBF's niece concentrating hard on her Tamagotchi bag. I hope you note that she is wearing a particularly fetching poncho :)

Knit in - RLBF's niece

And this is niece's BF approximately 20 minutes after I taught her to cast on. Go girls!

Knit in - Niece's BF

So what else have I got to show you? Well, Mr A's Dennis the Menace socks are finished for a start.

Dennis the Menace is done

He seems pleased, which is a good thing. Given that I basically made these up based on a number of sock patterns that I have known and a few quick measurements of his (enormous) feet I am pretty pleased with the fit too although they are definitely slightly too baggy in the leg. More calf shaping and casting on fewer stitches will improve the fit next time out.

And what else has been going on with my knitting since we last spoke? Didn't I say that I was planning on finishing my Colinette jumper this weekend? Which would have been totally logical due to various portability issues and my desire to actually wear the thing. Sadly the knitting urge does not appear to reside in the logical part of my brain. So despite having carted a huge bag stuffed full of Point 5 and various finished parts of jumper halfway across the country I studiously ignored it all weekend and knitted this instead:

Feather & Fan Lace

Yes, it's another scarf. Yes, this is supposed to be my 'carry backwards and forwards to work' portable project. I can't explain it either. I wouldn't bother trying if I were you.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at lace and I'm feeling a little bit 'meh' about it so far but have decided to have the courage of my convictions and persevere. Here's a closeup so you can see what you think.

Feather & Fan closeup Posted by Hello

I'm not wildly happy with the stitch definition and the way the pattern is reflected in the fabric, if you see what I mean. But I am taking heart from the Yarn Harlot's recent post where she said that that all lace looks like crap until it's been blocked and am hoping for a minor miracle at the finishing stage. How susceptible 100% rayon yarn is going to be to the blocking process is something that I am studiously avoiding thinking about at this moment in time.

Anyway, internet permitting I have plenty more pictures to share with you later this week, including my Secret Pal loot (thanks SP!) and the work of my guest knitter of the week, namely my mother in law. Watch this space!


Anonymous Emma said...

The Feather and Fan looks gorgeous from here.The Rayon will block,but not as much as wool.It's lovely.Hope that you grow to love it too.
The Dennis socks are fab !

11:15 pm

Blogger eyeleen said...

Sounds like a successful Knit-in and Mr. A's socks look fabulous.

Feather and Fan looks great. I love the colors.

1:59 am

Blogger brooke said...

Look at those girls go! Hooray for the knitting little ladies. : )

The feather and fan scarf looks lovely! It looks quite similar to that pattern I tried to get my hands on at Stitches East...do you vaguely remember that? Ah, probably not. Well, they actually finally sent me the pattern around Christmas (after I had given up and forgotten all about) for the ripple scarf and beret. Alas, I had already used the Koigu, but then again, it gives me an excuse to buy more!

9:39 pm

Blogger General Ginger said...

Love those groovy Dennis the Menase Socks!

11:00 pm

Blogger Cindynd5 said...

Lovely feather and fan scarf and the groovy poncho! I want to make one for my 8 yr old and I am new at this - I just found out about blogs and patterns on the internet! Where did you get the poncho pattern? Thanks - will try out socks later too!

8:12 pm

Blogger Atropos said...

Cindy - thanks for your kind comments. The poncho pattern is by the Yarn Harlot and can be found here:


It's a really quick knit and looks great when it's finished. Just the thing for your 8 year old I would think.

2:21 pm


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