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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

OMG, its Scarfzilla!

So what have I been doing since I last blogged? Why, knitting of course. And I have mainly been knitting my Glenora throw, in what seems like a fairly single-minded obsessional manner. There's something about stripy things that always makes me want to carry on knitting just to the end of the next stripe. And the colour combinations in this thing are so nice they only tempt me to further feats of knitting endurance. And then its suddenly 3am and I have work the next day *sigh* But at least this approach gets results in terms of productivity. I just have the second set of swirls to do, and a couple of garter stictch edges down the long sides and then I'm done. Look - here's the evidence.

Glenora throw

I know that pic's not great in terms of artistic content, but I took it to emphasise one thing. This throw is HUGE. It already stretches from one end of my two-seater sofa to the other, and there's quite a bit more width too. It's just rolled under because the thing still needs to be blocked. Not bad, neh? I am the queen of stocking stitch - hear me roar!

So what other knitting news has there been since we last spoke? I have learnt the salutory lesson that when knitting socks it is best to make some notes so as any pattern alterations you make for the first sock get carried through to the second one. I just had to unravel a whole shortrow heel the other day because I made the leg part of second Harvest sock about 1cm shorter than its pair. Doh!

In other knitting-related thoughts, I think I will have enough of the Mission Falls left after Glenora to make a stripy jumper for my nephew, Theo. Can anyone recommend any good basic jumper knit patterns for a 2 year old?

Also, I'm not sure whether I have any readers who don't also read my dear friend Axelle's blog.. If there are any readers who fall into this category, I suggest that you wander over there right now and look at the lovely yarns she has to offer. I personally thing they are delicious, and I'm sure y'all will love them too.

Two more pics to close - firstly the contents of the great tomato mountain of Norfolk, and then the use to which I put said mountain:

Green tomato mountain.

Yay, chutney! Posted by Hello

I really can't wait to try this. I'll have to be patient though - It won't really be ready to eat until December.


Blogger eyeleen said...

The throw looks great so far, and a perfect size to snuggle under.

ooh, yummy chutney!!

4:48 am


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