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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Guess what? More SOX!

So, remember that I said I was going to knit Dennis the Menace socks for Mr A now that I have finished Clapotis? Well here is my progress to date:

Dennis the Menace progress

Not bad, eh? I am quite pleased with these as I have essentially made up the pattern and Mr A has tried the finished one on and it seems to fit fine. If anything it is a little loose in the leg, which I think is because this is my first time out for socks with DK yarn rather than a finer gauge. Next time I shall cast on slightly less stitches.

Other than that, the jogless jog that BDC recommended is working like a charm (thanks, BDC!) , calf shaping turned out to be utterly simple and my first afterthought heel passed without incident. I quite like it as an alternative for more rufty tufty socks actually - it has none of the holing issues that you can get with the short row heel and it has a good rugged feel about it. A useful thing to add to the sock repertoire I feel.

And how is Mr A feeling about his socks to date? He has pronounced himself "quite pleased" which from him is high praise indeed. But he is getting a bit impatient as progress has slowed rather over the last couple of days. "And why is that, Atropos?" I hear you ask.

Well, I may have accidently wandered over to Colinette's new online store and had a little splurge on this. Nice, don't you think? I am completely new to Colinette's yarns and have to say that I really like the thick/thin texture of Point 5 but I was initially a little alarmed by the colour that my selection turned out to be. I ordered the Gaugin colourway, so exactly the shade you see on the model in the picture, and it is really quite a bit brighter in real life than it is in the pictures. I was initially concerned that it would turn out to be just too green for me, bit having finished the back and lived with it for a while I think we'll be fine. What do you think?

I may have got a little sidetracked....

And here's a close up of the fabric Point 5 produces.

Point 5 close up Posted by Hello

I do love the textural effect that is produced by the varying thicknesses of the yarn, don't you? And another big plus in Point 5's favour is that you knit it on 12mm needles so the thing grows at the speed of light. I feel a bit like I've landed in Brobdignag when I'm knitting it though - 12 mm needles are BIG!

Anyway, it knits up so quickly that I think I might even get the whole jumper finished off over the weekend. RLBF is coming over with her niece (she of the Liberty poncho) and niece's BF and we are going to have a knit out. Niece & niece's BF are keen to move on from lumpy garter stitch scarves but are still not exactly experts in the craft. Does anyone have any suggestions for quick and easy projects that RLBF & I might be able to interest them in?


Blogger Toni said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I've always liked the Gaugin colorway. Very pretty. Cool socks too.

6:24 am

Blogger Lauren said...

I really like your Colinette Point Five tank! I just finished a scarf in this yarn, and I loved working it up. The colorways really vary--I got colorway Gauguin in the Giotto line, and it was quite muted. Perhaps it is just how the dye takes to the fiber. I lurve Colinette! :)

4:03 pm

Blogger um said...

thanks for that link about the jogless jog. i'd seen various different explanations of it throughout the web, but that one is the clearest one. i get it!

good job on those socks - they look great and very unjoggy! :)

9:58 pm

Blogger eyeleen said...

I love Mr. A's "dennis the menace" socks.

Gorgeous new yarn. Beautiful deep colors and it produces a lush looking fabric.

For the girls, how about a booga bag or something they can felt.

3:37 am


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