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Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm a bad, bad blogger

How is it possible that I haven't had anything to say about knitting for over 3 weeks? *blushes*

And now I come to you without pictures. I am truly the crappest knitblogger in the universe. Ah well - all I can say is get used to it. My RL friends have and they have had to put up with this sort of unreliability for many a long year now, poor souls :)

Anyway, other than bemoaning my crapness what do I actually have to say about knitting?

1. Tempting is nearly finished. Again. Sizing is looking much better this time out but once again I am dithering over the shoulder shaping. I think I need to take her off the needles and try it on before I make my decision. But hopefully there should be pictures of her in all her glory sometime next week.

2. I just sent off 7 hats to the Dulaan Project. If you don't know about this one, check out Ryan's blog over at Mossy Cottage Knits. Heck, even if you do know about it check out her blog anyway because she has posted some really powerful pictures of the kids this project has been set up to help. I promise it will inspire you to get out your needles and make something really warm to send them.

3. My SP4 has a sense of humour. At least that's what I hope it is. After a little post office related confusion I received an April Fool's parcel from her this week, focussing on my deep suspicion of crochet. It contained (and I quote) "yarn so cheap that it doesn't matter if you make a mistake" (Acrylic. Pink. Dayglo. Need I say more?) and the most frightening pattern book I have ever seen in my born days. Really there is some stuff in there that my granny wouldn't crochet and let me tell you, that is saying something. I am particularly drawn to the crocheted tie. I wonder if I made it for my dad for his birthday if I could then persuade him to wear it? There will definitely be pictures of this wonder of publishing once I get my arse in gear. It is far too good not to share with y'all.

So anyway that's it for now. Look forward to a return to more frequent blogging in the near future :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I do have a sense of humour and although I bought the book second hand, I was a little surprised to find it in a LYS still being sold NEW!

Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend.


3:40 pm

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Blogger Frances said...

Rather than working, I googled "INTJ" and "knit" and found you. So, hello to one INTJ knitter from another. My blog is probably half knitting, half pointless ravings, but if you would like to visit: www.sheepishgrin.blogspot.com.

2:56 pm

Blogger Nit One Perl Two said...

I am so happy I found your site. It appears we have more in common than knitting! I'll let you know when I complete the "world renound" triple lindee patern!

1:05 am


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