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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's all hats, all of the time (apart from the blocking, that is)

So this weekend I had a pretty self indulgent time on the knitting front. It started off well with me knitting my first ever hat in honour of the Dulaan project (click the button on the sidebar for more info). Here is is being blocked using my patent "upside down pudding basin on top of an upside down pint glass" methodology. I used one of the patterns Ryan suggests on the Dulaan site, and the remnants of the Noro Kureyon left over from when I made Rosedale. Nice, don't you think?

My first Dulaan FO

And can I just say that hats are a revelation in terms of speed and knitting satisfaction. That one only took me an evening to produce! All that time before Christmas that I spend slaving away over the sock needles when I could have been effortlessly churning out hats for all and sundry! I know what everyone is getting next year.

Of course, the only trouble with woolly hats is that I would never wear one myself as they unfailingly make me look like an escapee from some kind of sheltered accommodation. I don't really do hats unless they are the vast brimmed variety a la Kristen Scott Thomas in Four Weddings and a Funeral. But never mind - I know lots of people who would look great in them when it comes round to Christmas, and hopefully the Mongolians will be glad of a few. Because once I'd finished that one I felt inspired to rummage around in my stash for any other suitable oddments to be transformed into Dulaan items.

And look what I found:

Look what I found in my stash - where did all that come from?

I see more hats in my future. In fact the bright red & custard yellow yarn has already been transformed into a rather cute slipstitch number and I am currently working the brown and cream into a twisted rib hat pattern. Pics after the weekend when they will be blocked and respectable. The lavender Kid Classic on the left of the shot is destined to become Coronet I think. I wonder how many hats I can knit before I get sick of them?

So what else was included in my self indulgent knitting weekend? Well, firstly I must say a big thankyou to Emma for a) giving me some sensible advice on how to block lace and b) reminding me that Heathland was going to stretch a lot when I blocked it. I had forgotten that little point and was planning on a lot more knitting, but decided to stop and block instead, which was a jolly good job as the thing took up the whole of the spare bed for blocking purposes as it was. Any longer and we'd have been in serious trouble.

Anyway, here is my very first attempt at lace blocking in action:

Blocking 101 - stage 1

(I hope y'all are noticing the handknit socks there.) Yes, I have just soaked my lovely feather & fan work in tepid water, wrapped it and in a towel and stood on it to squeeze the excess water out of it. And what of it?

Here are the results of that particular tender mercy:

Blocking 101 - stage 2 (eek!)

I have to admit I was panicking a leetle bit at this stage. Once again I remembered Stephanie's mantra that "all lace looks like crap until you block it" and boldly pressed on, armed only with 2 boxes of glass headed pins.

Here it is before the official pinning out ceremony.

Blocking 101 stage 3 (phew)

There was an "after" picture but unfortunately it turned out rather fuzzy, so you'll have to settle for this closeup of the stitch pattern instead.

Now that looks like better stitch definition to me Posted by Hello

I am feeling distinctly less meh about Heathland now :) RLBF is destined to be sadly dissappointed.


Blogger Axelle said...

I don't do hats either, but yours looks very tempting. And that lace is sumptuous! What a terrific job!

2:23 pm

Blogger Axelle said...

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2:24 pm

Blogger eyeleen said...

wonderful hat! I don't do hats either, but I always think of them when it snows.

Your lace is so beatiful. wonderful detail in that close up.

5:41 am

Anonymous zainab said...

i stumbled upon your blog while hopping around the fiber arts blogring. just had to mention that i love your carpet. i have one strikingly similar that i bought when studying in morocco.

1:29 am

Blogger Atropos said...

zainab - my rug is from morocco actually. Mr A & I spent a month or so travelling there some years ago and brought this back with us :)

9:47 am


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