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Monday, April 04, 2005

Well, there's good news, a bit more good news and then bad news

First the good news. While I was away on holiday I received a fantastic Easter surprise from my Secret Pal 4. She has really been doing her homework because when I opened it I was over the moon. My favourite colour and useful for my other crafty activities too. Here it is - a purple variety bag from Texere. I love, love, love it - thanks Peep!

Thanks Secret Pal! Posted by Hello

Second the other good news. I finished Tempting!

But I'm not going to post a picture of it because of the bad news.

It is VAST! And by vast I mean unwearably 100% frogging required VAST. I have hidden it away in my knitting bag for the moment but I think the unravelling starts tomorrow. Although the silver lining in this very dark cloud is that allowing for the vastness I think when it is the right size it will look really good so I think once I am over the dissapointment I will be raring to knit it again. Plus I have also realised that I think I am going to need to add some shoulder shaping to keep the thing up due to my 34D chest *blushes*.

So what have I learnt from this debacle? Two things, I think:

* Firstly, make allowances in the sizing if you are in the middle of losing weight while you are knitting a project. Doh!

* Second, read other people's knitblogs before you start. If I'd just done a quick Google I'd have found out about the general vastness of the pattern and the requirement for the chestier among us to add shoulder shaping. There's plenty of comments on it, if only I'd bothered to read them. Double doh!

Anyway, you live and learn I suppose. And I'm still hoping for a sexy sweater at the end of this process. At least it shouldn't take so long to knit this time, seeing as I am planning to go down by 2.5 sizes.


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